Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Photoshop World - Day One

Today was the first official day of Photoshop World, the pre conference workshops. My workshop was the Canon Live Studio instructed by Eddie Tapp and Jack Reznicki who were absolutely wonderful and shared some great lessons, tips and tricks. Jack Reznicki was exceptional and took a process that I believed to be complicated and involved and did a great job at simplifing the basic ideas. I thought we'd be looking at 6 hours of diagrams for different light setups and the technical aspects of a studio setup and instead we learned to "See the Light" to really understand how light works and how to apply that knowledge in the studio. I had the pleasure of being picked to model for an example and had a portrait taken by Jack Reznicki that I was privileged to take with me in a large format print from a new Canon inkjet they were demonstrating. Yeah Me!

AaronVan portrait

Eddie Tapp is a very proficient instructor in Photoshop and I love taking a class like this because even though I have been using these programs for 10+years I still learn new things, or even better I see a new way of doing something I've been doing for 10 years.

I also had an opportunity to meet a few new people and it's really great to sit and talk shop with other photographers. Gina, Brian and Fred were all Photoshop World regulars and helped to give me a warm welcome at my first time out so thanks for the very welcome conversation and it was great to meet you all.

If this first day is any indication of the things to come then I am in for a great week of learning and networking. I look forward to writing tomorrow nights entry and sharing my day with the world.

Until then...

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